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Academic Writing and Citation

This guide provides time-tested strategies on becoming comfortable with the writing process, resources on citation styles, and information on how to avoid plagiarism.


Effective Academic WritingWelcome 

If you’ve come directly from high school or have been out of school for a while, you may find it difficult at first to adjust to the requirements needed for college level writing. Check out the resources on this guide for time-tested strategies on becoming comfortable with the writing process.

In this guide, you will also find resources on APA, MLA, IEEE, and Chicago citation styles, how to use these citation styles, and how to incorporate them into your paper.

Whether fresh out of high school or returning after many years away, writing papers has changed and hearing about plagiarism adds to the anxiety. This guide will also help you to recognize the types of academic dishonesty, with plagiarism as one kind, and identify ways to prevent plagiarism.

Do you need more help with citation, reference Lists, and formatting your paper? 

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Go Beyond the Guide

Go Beyond the Guide

Academic Coaches work one-on-one with students to help set and accomplish academic goals by employing research-backed study and motivational strategies. Tutors help students review, practice, and question new material learned in class. 

If English is your second or additional language, the EAL Centre can provide you with ongoing support to develop your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills for success in your program and industry. 

The Writing Centre provides help and guidance via email or video conference. Give your writing process space for another look at your paper and see how it looks before the final grade.

Self-Directed Online Tutorials housed in LEARN provide relevant and helpful resources for the entire student cycle at college.


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