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OneSearch (Database Instruction)

OneSearch allows you to search the Library's books, journals, DVDs, databases and media collection all at the same time. This guide will give you an introduction to everything you need to know.

Search Filters


Filters appear on the results page of a Basic or Advanced Search. They allow you to further refine your search by excluding or focusing on elements; thus removing that which is not relevant. 

Click on the v beside filter headers to expand that section (click again to collapse). Filters will not display if there is no content. 

  • Include results beyond RRC - WORD OF CAUTION -  Clicking "Include results beyond RRC" will expand the search to outside our collection - any resources found here would need to be borrowed from other libraries via Inter Library Loan (more about Inter-Library Loan).
  • Sort by - you can sort your search results by relevance (default), newest, oldest, title or author.
  • Availability - filter by item availability - includes filters for online availability (i.e. ebook, database article or streaming DVD), Open access items, Peer-reviewed journals and physical item in the Library (i.e.print book or DVD)
  • Creation Date - set the scope of your search by selecting start and end dates.
  • Subject - filter by subjects included within the search result 
  • Author/Creator - filter by the authors included in your results
  • Location - filter by location within the Library (i.e. Main Stacks, Reference, etc.)
  • Library - filter by Library (i.e. NDC or EDC)
  • Resource Type - filter by the type of resource (i.e. book, DVD, newspaper, article, etc.).
  • Collection - filter by the individual database collections
  • Journal Title - filter by the journal's title. 
  • Language - filter by the language of the resource

Using Filters

Apply Filters

By applying a filter you exclude everything that DOES NOT contain that filter item.
ex. if I apply the "Peer-reviewed Journals" filter I will only see results that include "Peer-reviewed Journal" as an attribute.
ex. if I apply a subject filter only articles with that subject will be displayed.



1. Click the checkbox beside the filter you choose

2. Click the Apply Filter button at the bottom of the filters


Active Filters

Your active filters are the filters that you have applied to this search. They will remain until you do another search.

Active filters display above the filter options. 



to REMOVE a filter simply click on the X beside the Active filter name.

Persistent filters

If you are doing multiple searches but need the same filters, such as "Peer-reviewed Journals" you will need to re-apply the filter every time you search unless you make it a Persistent Filter.

1. Hover over an active filter and you will see a blue Lock icon appear (you won't see it unless your cursor is on the active filter);

2. Click the lock. 

This filter will now be persistent for the session. 

To remove the persistent aspect, click the lock again to toggle it off. 

Exclude using Filters

Exclude with Filters

The regular filters allow us to select what we want to see. ex. I only want to see articles that are "Peer-reviewed journals". 
The EXCLUDE feature allows us to select what we don't want to see -- keeping all other attributes. 


1. Hover over a filter and you will see a red Exclude icon appear (you won't see it unless your cursor is on the filter);

2. Click Exclude. (in this example we will see all subjects Except "carnivores" whereas if we had used the filter (on the left of the filter) we would see ONLY "carnivores")

Excluding filters will be displayed among the Active Filters in red font with a stroke


Hover for the Persistent Filter lock


Click X to remove the filter entirely