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OneSearch (Database Instruction)

OneSearch allows you to search the Library's books, journals, DVDs, databases and media collection all at the same time. This guide will give you an introduction to everything you need to know.


How to use Permalinks

Permalinks (Permanent Hyperlink) is a stable URL. This is an important distinction as many URLs in the browser bar may be unstable - they may contain session information or other attributes that cause them to become invalid after a time.

A permalink will ALWAYS bring you back to the spot it's linked to so they can be used to access items in the future without having to redo your search. This makes permalinks ideal when linking to Library materials in LEARN, email, and other documents where you want to link back to the source.

There is a permalink for every item in the OneSearch database - Books (print and electronic), DVDs and Streaming Video, Journals (print and electronic), Articles, and more.

Permalinks for Students

Often students are asked to link back to their research so their instructor can easily access the paper. This is the link you want to use for that purpose. 

Permalink Best Practices for Faculty

Linking to content through the library is always the best option. Attaching library content as a PDF is generating an unnecessary copy of that resource. This prevents the library from gaining valuable statistics on what resources are being used by students and instructors, to help ensure that we can continue subscribing to resources used by staff and students use statistics are vital to the Library, additionally when making a PDF the copy of a library resource that copy is subject to the Red River College Fair Dealing Policy whereas linking to the library resource requires no additional consideration of copyright or citation of work.

Copying the Permalink

1. Search for the item using OneSearch (more about OneSearch). 





2. Click on the Permalink icon (this can be done from the results page OR the detailed description page)






3. Click the Copy the Permalink to Clipboard button.

(You can also highlight, R-Click and select Copy)




4. You have now saved the Permalink URL to your clipboard. Go to the document you want to paste the link to. example LEARN, email message, etc. How you paste will depend on where you are pasting and your objective. 

Permalinks in EBCOhost databases

You may want to link directly to an item in one of the databases hosted on the EBSCOhost platform. Here is how you do that. 















Copy and paste the permalink into your document.