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ASC Student Referrals

Are you teaching students that have considerable skill gaps in the areas of math, science, or writing? Has a student been away for several classes, and needs to catch up on the content they missed? Do you teach math, accounting, science or communications, and wish integrate an ASC referral pathway into your class?  If so, connecting your students with an ASC tutor or academic coach is now only a few clicks away.

On this page you will find information about the ASC's current referral types, as well as instructions for how to refer students in your classes to the ASC for tutoring or academic coaching supports.

Upon referral, students will be invited to meet with ASC staff for course tutoring, writing support, English language support or academic coaching depending on the student needs identified in the referral, and the ASC resources available.

Customized referral pathways for your course can be requested by contacting Chris Harder, Tutoring Services Supervisor.

Referral Types

Academic Alert

Refer a student to the Academic Success Centre for tutoring or academic coaching support.

Course tutoring is not available for every course. However, academic coaching or study skills support may be requested for students in any program. A list of our current staff tutors, and the areas they support can be found here.

Writing and English Language Refer a student to the ASC for assistance with any writing or communications task, or for English language tutoring.
Scholarly Writing Custom referral pathway for students enrolled in NRSG1501 - Scholarly Writing.

Student Referrals are facilitated through TracCloud, the ASC's appointment scheduling and referral platform. All RRC Polytech staff and students can access TracCloud through the HUB Applications list.

To refer one or more students in your class to the Academic Success Centre, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log into HUB and launch the TracCloud app. 

  • Click the TracCloud link in HUB > Applications.

Step 2: Create a new referral form

  • Click ‘Faculty Options > Faculty Courses’ to reveal your courses and section groups.

  • Click on the ‘Roster Referrals’ button to view the referral types available for each course. 

  • Click the ‘Referral Name’ to open a new referral document for students in the selected section group.

Step 3: Enter referral details

  • Click a student’s name to open the referral options.

  • Choose a ‘Reason’ and answer the additional questions

  • To refer multiple students at once, click on another student’s name, and enter their details. 

Step 4: Submit the referral

  • Once the referrals have been completed for the class, click the 'Save’ button to complete the process. A confirmation email will immediately be sent to your staff email account. 

  • Next, ASC staff will review the referral, and match the student with appropriate resources or support.

Step 5: Check your staff email inbox for the referral confirmation messages.

  • Faculty will receive a confirmation message for each student referred.
  • Details of the next steps, and how to contact the ASC for support will be included in the confirmation message.

ASC Referral Support:

  1. Refer to the confirmation emails for any referral specific instructions and follow up steps.
  2. For further assistance with TracCloud referrals, contact Chris Harder, Tutoring Services Supervisor on MS Teams.
While our staff will do their best to connect with students and offer support, engagement with ASC supports and services is completely voluntary.