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ASC: Supports for Faculty and Staff - Help Your Students to Connect with Us

To Request a Tutor for a Student

How do I refer a student for individual tutoring?

If you feel a student would benefit from meeting with a tutor, please ask the student to complete the Tutoring and Coaching Request Form

You can also send an email to and provide the student's name, student ID number, and explain the areas in your course that you feel the student needs support with. An ASC staff will follow-up with the student and connect them with a tutor.

What are the different types of tutoring options available to students?

Students may access Peer Tutoring (Individual/Group), Staff Tutoring (Individual/Group), Help Desks, and Review Workshops for targeted courses. Please note that all tutoring services at the ASC are currently delivered online.

Why should I refer students for tutoring?

As instructors and staff, you have tremendous influence and can help students recognize that they benefit from accessing the ASC's Academic Supports. Students are more likely to contact us for support if you connect them to our services and ensure they made a tutoring appointment.

Can I tell the tutor what I would like the student to work on in their tutoring sessions?

Absolutely! Our tutors welcome your suggestions for areas of improvement. Please let your student know what you would like them to work on and ask them to share this with their tutor. You may also forward your suggestions to and an ASC staff will pass along your suggestions to the student's tutor.

Is tutoring free at Red River College Polytechnic?

Yes, all academic supports at Red River College Polytechnic are free to students actively enrolled in a course at the college. 

What happens if a student misses a tutoring appointment?

Students are required to provide a minimum of 24-hours notice to cancel an appointment. Appointments cancelled less that 24-hours before the appointment start-time are marked as missed. After three missed appointments, a student must speak with the Tutoring Supervisor before booking future appointments.

At Notre Dame Campus: 

Picture of Chris HarderChris Harder
Tutoring Supervisor

Notre Dame Campus Room CM-40
Phone: 204.632.2251


At the Exchange District Campus and Regional Campuses:

Picture of Dayna Graham​Dayna Graham
Adult Learning Facilitator

Exchange District Campus: Room P214
Phone: 204.631.3342