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English Language Tutoring

What does EAL tutoring include?

Our staff language tutors help students develop the skills and strategies they need to be successful in your program and industry and may include:

  • Reading and understanding course materials and assignments
  • Academic or business writing skills and strategies
  • Preparing for oral presentations
  • Building program-specific vocabulary and clear pronunciation of program vocabulary
  • Building academic integrity skills such as paraphrasing, summarizing, citation and references
  • Building listening skills and strategies
  • Time management skills
  • Group work skills and strategies

What’s our approach to language tutoring?

With the goal of students becoming self-sufficient language learners, our tutors take an English-for-specific-purposes approach, using program materials whenever possible to help students build the academic and professional skills and strategies needed to be successful in their courses and future industry settings. 

How quickly can students improve their language skills through tutoring?

Building knowledge and use of an additional language requires study and practice and the speed of skill development differs among individuals.  For many students, regular language tutoring sessions improves their knowledge of how English works and how to use it effectively in their program context.  Students often tell us that they feel more confident to use English in class and in program-related work experiences because they are meeting regularly with an EAL tutor. 

How much tutoring can a student get?

Students can meet with an EAL tutor for up to 1 hour per week.  In some cases we will increase this weekly time allotment.

How do students meet with a tutor?

Language tutoring is currently taking place via MS Teams or Webex.   Students need a reliable internet connection and a headset.

Can I tell the tutor what I’d like the student to work on in tutoring?

Absolutely!  Our tutors welcome your suggestions for areas of improvement related to the communication demands of you program.  Please let your student know what you would like them to work on and ask them to share this with their tutor.

Will the tutor help the student with assignments and tests?

Yes and no.  If a student asks for help with an assignment or preparing for a test, our tutors start by making sure the student understands the assignment instructions or test parameters before working on the language needed to complete it successfully.  Our tutors do not do the work for the student or test them on content, but will ensure they are using effective assignment completion and test preparation strategies so that they can manage future assignments and assessments.

What happens if a student misses a tutoring appointment?

If a student does not show up for a scheduled appointment, they forfeit their tutoring hour for the week and will need to rebook for the following week.  If a student cancels their appointment within 24 hours, the tutor will try to rebook the appointment for the same week. In the case of multiple no shows, the student will forfeit tutoring for the term.

Is there a cost for language tutoring?

Yes. Time!  But like all student services at the college, there is no financial cost to the student for language tutoring.