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Gender Studies for Health Professionals

This guide is to assist you in researching topics related to gender, feminism and intersectionality.




Required and recommended course resources for 
SOSC-3003: Gender Studies for Health Professionals



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Please note you may find references to resources within this guide that are not in the current library collection. Items can be requested through the Library's Inter-Library Loan service. For more information about this service and to access a request form please see the Inter-Library Loan page. If you are having problems finding a resource, please do not hesitate to ASK US. 

Groundbreaking Readings

Additional readings:

  • Kosofsky Sedgwick, E. (2008). Epistemology of the closet. University of California Press. (Original work published 1990).
  • Kristeva, J. (1980). Powers of horror: An essay on abjection. Columbia University Press.
  • Greer, G. (2020). The female eunich. Fourth Estate. (Original work published 1970).
  • Dworkin, A. (1974). Woman hating: A radical look at sexuality. Dutton Books.