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Anti-Racism Learning Toolkit

A starting point to better understand racism and take action.

Module 1: Understanding Race and Racialization Video

Anti-Racism Training Module 1

Understanding Race and Racialization


  • Introduction
  • Socio-cultural Identities
  • Race and Racial Identities
  • Racialization and Racialized People
  • Privilege
  • Stereotype, Prejudice, and Discrimination
  • Racism

Note: Student comments were removed for privacy reasons. Click the box of arrows to expand the video.

Privilege Questionnaire

To participate in the Privilege Questionnaire mentioned in the video, click on this link

Videos were shown during the workshop to shared lived experiences. The videos were not recorded for copyright reasons. Click on the following links to watch the videos.

Being 12 "What are you?"

The Beauty of Human Skin in Every Colour

Take Action!

Take ActionReflect: 

Acknowledge about the different layers in our socio-cultural identities, and how this relates to the concept of race.​

Educate Yourself: 

Don’t underestimate the importance of the hard, deep personal work of engaging in deeper learning about racism. ​

Build Empathy: 

As you understand your racial privilege, listen to the experiences of living with the oppression and systemic racism.​