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Anti-Racism Learning Toolkit

A starting point to better understand racism and take action.

Racism and COVID-19

Seashia Vang (senior Asia associate at Human Rights Watch) in her opinion piece for The Diplomat, the website for the current affairs magazine focused on the Asian-Pacific region, wrote:

COVID-19 should not be dividing us, but rather bringing us together to work for the common good. We already have an epic health crisis; we don’t need a racialized social crisis as well. 

There's a reason the World Health Organization stopped naming diseases after their place of origin, too many times it turned into an excuse to discriminate. The Chinese Canadian National Council has reported more than 600 incidents of anti-East Asian racism ranging from spitting to physical violence. Marginalized groups find themselves ravaged by the virus thanks to the very systemic barriers already in place making it hard to combat. 

Picture: Passengers wearing masks inside a train during COVID-19. (Wikimedia Commons).

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