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Anti-Racism Learning Toolkit

A starting point to better understand racism and take action.

History of Racism in Canada

Slavey girls, Mackenzie River, Northwest Territories (NWT).

According to the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CCRF), some of the many incidents, legislations, movements, genocide, etc. that inform how systemic racism currently operates in Canada, include: 

Colonialism and Colonization 

Slavery (1628 - 1800s) 

Indian Act (1876 - Present)  

Residential Schools (1886 - 1996) 

Immigration Policies 

Chinese Head Tax (1885 - 1949) 

Refusing entry to South Asians (1914) 

Exclusion of Jewish Refugees (1939) 

Japanese Internment Camps (1941 - 1949) 


Source: Systemic Racism in Canada online course (Canadian Race Relations Foundation). Course developed by Carl E. James & Julia Samaroo (York University).

Picture: Slavey girls, Mackenzie River, Northwest Territories (NWT). (Wikipedia)

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