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Anti-Racism Learning Toolkit

A starting point to better understand racism and take action.

Module 2: Understanding Systemic Racism

Anti-Racism Training Module 2

Understanding Systemic Racism


  • Debunking Reverse Racism
  • Debunking Myths about Race and Racism
  • Levels of Systemic Racism: Individual, Institutional, Structural or Societal

Note: Student comments were removed for privacy reasons. Click the box of arrows to expand the video.

Videos were shown during the workshop to shared lived experiences. The videos were not recorded for copyright reasons. Click on the following links to watch the videos.

5 Things You Should Know About Racism

Reverse Racism

Debunking the Most Common Myths White People Tell About Race

Model Minority Myth

Moving the Race Conversation Forward

Take Action!

Take ActionEducate yourself: 

To engage in meaningful conversations and actions that can advance change and justice. ​

Become more self-aware of your blind spots: 

Reflect on how myths about race shape your thinking and actions​

Build empathy: 

As you advance your knowledge about racism, also foster your emotional understanding of experiences of living with oppression and systemic racism.​