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Anti-Racism Learning Toolkit

A starting point to better understand racism and take action.

Module 4: Identifying Systemic Racism in Canada Today

Anti-Racism Training Module 4

Identifying Systemic Racism in Canada Today


  • Canadian Narratives about Racism
  • Stories of Racism in Canada
  • Colonialism and Assimilation of Indigenous Peoples
  • Slavery and Segregation of Black People
  • Racist Immigration Policies

Note: Student comments were removed for privacy reasons. Click the box of arrows to expand the video.

Videos were shown during the workshop to shared lived experiences. The videos were not recorded for copyright reasons. Click on the following links to watch the videos.

What Racism in Canada Looks Like

How to Change Systemic Racism in Canada

Robyn Maynard - Policing Black Lives

Take Action!

Take ActionNotice racism in Canada: 

Acknowledge how the institutions and structures you live in have been shaped by racism – who has benefitted from these systems, and who has been oppressed? ​

Continue your research: 

Consider what information was new from today’s session. What information do you need to go back and revisit? What do you need to learn more about to show up in the world informed about issues of racial inequality in Canada? ​

Make a plan to learn more, using some of the resources below: ​

Discuss with Others: 

What evidence of institutional and systemic racism in Canada do you see now? By connecting with other people and openly talking about race we can overcome the obstacles that prevent real progress. ​