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ASC: Supports for Faculty and Staff - Hybrid LEARNing Modules

About the Test Taking Module

Test Taking

Content Contact: Meg Loewen 


Test Taking IconTests are a reality for every student in college. Unfortunately, even if a student has done well in their term assignments and studied hard for the upcoming test, they may still struggle to be successful on a test.

There a number of reasons for this: (1) the test environment is unique; (2) components to a test (i.e. structure, length, point value or types of questions) vary drastically from one test to the next; and (3) test anxiety may impede a student’s ability to show what they know. College students need test-taking strategies to manage these challenges and move beyond them to accurately display their knowledge and skillset.



Learning Outcomes

Course Content

Test Taking

  • Use various strategies to tackle multiple choice, true/false, math, and essay questions on tests. 
  • Follow a step-by-step plan to write organized, clear, and concise essays on tests.
  • General Test Taking Tips
  • Different Types of Test
  • Test Anxiety

Resources: Each section of the Test Taking module presents the content in presentation slides, using the online program H5P. Within these slides, students work through various test-taking strategies, reflect on their own experiences, and check their understanding with built-in interactive questions. Other resources used in these modules include LinkedIn Learning videos, YouTube videos, links to helpful websites, and downloadable PDF documents for future student use.