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APA Style: Basics to Advanced (Learn Module)

Most writing assignments will require the writer to borrow ideas from outside sources. To avoid issues of academic integrity, it is important for writers to understand the basics of citations and referencing. Although there are many different styles of citations and references, the most used style at Red River College Polytechnic is APA Style.

This module aims to help students understand what it means to use APA 7th Edition for their writing assignments. The module is divided into three major sections: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each section will teach you necessary APA skills for both formatting and referencing. As you move forward through the module, the skills become more detailed and technical. Not all courses and programs will require students to have the same level of APA knowledge. Therefore, take note of what is in each sub-module and determine if it is relevant to your students. 

Content Contact: Bettina Allen


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Module Details

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the basic components of APA citations and referencing.
  • Learn how to properly format an APA paper.
  • Confidently use in-text citations in writing assignments.
  • Learn intermediate and advanced APA skills.

Course Content

  • Basics: Parenthetical and narrative citation styles, basic reference list entries, basic formatting (title page, double space etc.)
  • Intermediate: Appropriate level of citation, missing information, intermediate formatting (headings, numbering etc.)
  • Advanced: Indirect citations, traditional knowledge, tables, appendices, footnotes, uncommon references.


The APA Style: Basics to Advanced module features supplemental learning content from LinkedIn Learning, text-based resources created at Red River College Polytechnic and various other academic institutions, webpages, and videos. All these resources will help students understand APA 7th Edition.