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Our Learning Mind (Learn Module)

Our Learning Mind IconResearch has shown that being faced with a new stress-inducing event like the kind we are experiencing now with COVID-19, can reduce our working-memory capacity (Shields, Doty, Shields, et al., 2017). A lower working-memory capacity not only makes it harder for us to take in and learn new information but also, impairs our ability to read and problem solve (Jena & Acharya. 2019). Research has further illustrated that metacognition (self-reflection about one’s way of thinking) contributes to deeper learning of the material, increased critical thinking skills, and the ability to recall information as needed.

Understanding how one’s working memory operates is beneficial for learning in several ways. Our working memories temporarily process and store information long enough for us to create a meaningful connection with it. Our working memories even guide/influence our cognitive abilities, such as planning, problem-solving, and reasoning, all of which are commonly used for organizing assignments and writing exams. The goal of Our Learning Mind module is thus to inspire students to reflect on their learning processes in conjunction with those belonging to their working memories. Students will discover tips and tricks that they can easily integrate into their daily routine and find useful in their pursuit of achieving academic goals.

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Module Details

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the neural network responsible for working memory's processing and functioning.
  • Understanding working memory's contribution to your ability to grasp new concepts and cement them into memory for later retrieval.
  • Understanding how working memory is impacted by physiological/psychological roadblocks that can impede your learning, such as math anxiety and stress. 
  • Understanding the importance of training and repetitive practice to expand your working memory's capacity. 
  • Diverse strategies you can use to overcome learning obstacles that are associated with your working memory.

Course Content

  • What is Working Memory?
  • Learning Road-blocks and Working Memory
  • Capacity Training and Associated Strategies


Each section of Our Learning Mind module presents the content through Ted-talks, instructional YouTube videos, visual diagrams, and engaging printable PDF hand-outs. After reviewing the self-directed content, students can use embedded (and downloadable) activity sheets to apply the knowledge they gleaned from the unit. Each unit also has enclosed an activity or a brief true/false quiz students can participate in order to gauge what they still have to learn.