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Professional Communication (Learn Module)

Professional Communication IconA college grad’s technical skills might get them the job, but their communication skills at work will allow them to keep it and establish a meaningful, long-term career in Canada.  Professional communication is a big topic and this module reflects this breadth, focusing on speaking and listening skills.  Featuring LinkedIn Learning videos as core instructional content, the module was created to support the Communication Strategies course (COMM 1173) guiding principles and learning objectives.

The module includes five sub-modules; two of these, Adjusting Your Communication and Active Listening Techniques, provide the foundation for the remaining three sub-modules. Instructors are encouraged to first direct students to these foundational sub-modules, and then choose which of the remaining sub-modules would best meet the development needs of their student group. Each lesson topic begins with reflection questions and key points followed by a short related video. Culture notes, language focus (intended to support the language learners in your class) and additional resources sections are included in each sub-module. A short quiz and application activities are also provided.


Module Details

Learning Outcomes

  • Reflect on the importance of adjusting communication for different people and contexts and identify strategy and skill gaps
  • Learn how to build professional relationships at school and at work
  • Expand knowledge of active listening techniques to engage with people and information
  • Examine effective communication strategies to meet shared goals in specific situations
  • Understand common etiquette when making phone and video calls

Course Content

  • Adjusting Your Communication (Foundational)
  • Active Listening Techniques (Foundational)
  • Building Professional Relationships
  • Communication Situations and Strategies
  • Making Phone and Video Calls


The Professional Communication module features curated LinkedIn Learning videos and application activities to introduce the range of essential communication skills and strategies needed by college students and professionals today. Other resources include culture notes for all students and language focus sections designed with language learners in mind. Instructors are encouraged to begin with the Adjusting Your Communication and Active Listening Techniques before guiding students toward the remaining sub-modules.