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Teamwork (Learn Module)

Working in Teams IconWhat makes a person invaluable on a team? This module highlights some key characteristics of exemplary team members and how—by making subtle changes—students can adopt these behaviors to become more valuable and reliable collaborators. Also, when you bring people together, conflict is a natural part of the dynamic. How we choose to manage these inevitable disagreements can make the difference between a dysfunctional team and a successful one.

In this module, students can discover why team conflict is necessary for success and how to determine whether a conflict is healthy or unhealthy, and how to resolve style differences.

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Module Details

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize the traits of effective team members.
  • Identify the difference between healthy and unhealthy team conflict.
  • Assess your personal conflict management style.
  • Identify the conflict management style that is most appropriate for certain situations.

Course Content

  • Traits of Effective Teammates
  • Resolving Team Conflict
    • Healthy vs Unhealthy Conflict
    • Sources of Team Conflict
    • Team Conflict Management Styles


The Working in Teams module features curated LinkedIn Learning videos and reflection activities to identify traits of effective team members, compare different conflict management styles, and learn strategies and techniques that can help confidently lead through conflict.