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Modules for LEARN Courses

How to Import a LEARN Module

  1. Each of the module pages has a download link. Download the ZIP file associated wirth that module.
  2. Follow these instructions to import the .zip files into your LEARN course. Once the modules have been imported, they can be edited in LEARN to suit the needs of your students. 


The following instructions were developed by the Centre for Program and Learning Excellence (CLPE).

In Learn, go to the course you want to import the course package into. Within the course you wish to add the module follow the following steps.

Step 1. Click on the Edit Course button within the course:

Screenshot of LEARN course with Edit Course button on the top navigation bar.


Step 2. Click on the Import/Export/Copy Components Tool:

Screenshot of Edit Course page, with Import/Export/Copy option.


Step 3. Click on the Import Components button, then from a course package and then click Start: 

Screenshot of the Import/Export/Copy page with the Import Components option.


Step 4. Click on the Upload button. You can either drag-and-drop your file into the browser or browse your computer for the file:

Screenshot of the Import Course Package window with Upload button.


Step 5. Click on the Import All Components button:

Screenshot of the Select File window with the Import All Components button.


Step 6. After you have completed the upload, you can now view the content by clicking on the View Content button.

(If your upload failed, please contact LEARN Support at

Screenshot of the Importing Process window with the View Content button.


Step 7. You can now drag and drop the imported module wherever you want it and can edit it as you see fit:

Screenshot of LEARN Course shell with new component listed in the Table of Contents in the navigation bar on the right.