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Library & Information Technology

A guide for students in the Library and Information Technology program


Inside of a research library in EuropeWelcome to the LIBRARY & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Guide

This guide's focus is towards students of the Library & Information Technology program. 

Here you can find resources to help you along your two years of study towards becoming a library technician. From books within our collection to databases, as well as organizational websites, we've got suggestions and links to save you time. 

Thanks, and enjoy!


    Source: Association of European Research Libraries. Architecture Forum. Google Images labeled for reuse with modification.


Use the following keywords to get started searching this subject area:

  • Academic libraries
  • Archives
  • Authorship
  • Book binding
  • Book stacks
  • Call number
  • Cataloguing (Cataloging)
  • Dewey Decimal
  • Interlibrary loan
  • Internet research
  • Library catalogue (catalog)
  • Library circulation
  • Library classification
  • Library database
  • Library holdings
  • Library journals
  • Library of Congress
  • Library reference
  • Library statistics
  • Library technician
  • Maker space
  • Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
  • Primary sources
  • RDA (Resource Description & Access)
  • Readers advisory
  • Readership
  • Records management
  • Roving reference
  • School libraries
  • Subject headings