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Nursing Reference Center Plus (Database Instruction)

Get the information you need to start using Nursing Reference Center Plus.

Using EBSCOhost Account Folders

EBSCOhost Account folders are used by all EBSCO products. You do not need to create multiple accounts. This account is not compatible with OneSearch however, the two are not linked. 

1. Click Sign In at the top right of the page

2. Create a new username and password or use your Google Account

This shows that the account is logged in. You can now safely save your favourite results and searches to be retrieved at a later date, sorted into folders and shared with other EBSCOhost account holders. 

3. Click on the folder icon to enter the folders dashboard

1. EBSCOhost's default folders - you can indicate which folder you want to save your results in, or move them at a later date

2. Your custom folders - you can create folders and subfolders to save your results however suits you. These folders can be shared with other users (you cannot share subfolders - only top-level folders). If folders have been shared with you, they will display below. 

3. Action buttons. Select which results you want the actions to apply to then, Delete, or Move or Copy the result to a different folder

4. Page display options - how the page is sorted and how many results are displayed and in what format (brief, standard, detailed, etc.)

5. Select to print, save, export files using the standard EBSCOhost icons

6. The results - you can interact with them exactly as you would on the results page

For more information about how to use folders click on the (?) at the top of the page and click Using Folders