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Nursing Reference Center Plus (Database Instruction)

Get the information you need to start using Nursing Reference Center Plus.

EBSCOhost Icons

Email Alert

Receive email notifications when this result is updated. An account is not required. 


Save your favourite results to your EBSCOhost Folders by clicking ADD TO FOLDER.
(EBSCOhost account must be signed in in order to use folders)


NRC Print allows you to put patient and clinic information on the printout as well as notes - these are optional fields. 

Click on Advanced Options to include page layout options, including HTML full-text and/or reference citation. 


Email a copy of the result to yourself or others. 

Select to include PDF as well as reference citation.


Use save to create a savable HTML (webpage) file. 


Export the reference to RefWorks by selecting Direct Export to RefWorks and clicking Save.

(this should open your RefWorks account and prompt download)


Create a note on this result in your EBSCOhost files. 
(EBSCOhost account must be signed in in order to use folders)


The best way to share a link back to the result is to use Permalink. The URL in your browser is unstable as it has to pass through proxies and other network protocols. 

1. Select Permalink Icon

2. Copy & Paste the permalink URL into your document.