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Nursing Reference Center Plus (Database Instruction)

Get the information you need to start using Nursing Reference Center Plus.

Basic Search


  1. Enter your keywords in the search box. This is a basic search so keep it simple, more complex searches can be done on the Advanced search pages.
  2. Select a Reference Area tab if you want to limit your search at the start (you can always apply these later)
  3. Click SEARCH

Search Results Page









Search Results:

1. Search box

  • Change your search
  • Change topic tabs 
  • Click the Search button to apply changes to the search

2. Apply filters to your search results

  • Expand CURRENT SEARCH to see what filters are currently applied and remove them if desired
  • Click on the caret ( > ) to expand a filter section and check the boxes to apply the filter. 
  • (##) indicates the number of results that the filter is applied to. ex. there are 148 results with "neuroscience nursing" specialty applied.

3. Page display options

  • Sort order - change how the page sorts (relevance by default)
  • Page Options - Result format (brief, standard, detailed...), Number of results per page (10 by default), and page layout (filters, secondary information etc.)
  • Share - Folders (add current results (1-10) to a folder, or add entire set to folder), Set up an email alert for any additions to this search, or get a permalink to share this search with other users. 

4. Result Title - Click hyperlinked title to go to the detailed record for more information about the article.

5. Full-Text Icons - Click on HTML, PDF, CE Module, or Video (not displayed) to go directly to the article in question.

6. Folders - Click the BLUE folder to add the result to your folders; Click a YELLOW folder to remove it (you MUST be signed in to use folders - it will save them if you are not signed it, but you won't be able to access them)

Search Results Details









Search Results details:

Clicking on the TITLE of a result will bring you to the details of the result. From here you have a number of functions you can do.

1. Detailed Record - Click to expand the details about the result including affiliations, editors, source information, publication type, major and minor subjects, age groups and more. 

Detailed Record: 

2. Full-text links

  • HTML Full-text will display in the middle of the screen, 
  • PDF Full-Text will open a PDF document


1. Detailed Record - return to the Detailed Record page

2. PDF Table of contents - jump to the section you want to view

3. HTML Full-Text - return to the HTML version of the full text 

4. PDF functions - click on the three lines to see page navigation, in the middle, select the page number and zoom options, and the right side has icons to download the full PDF or print.

5. EBSCOhost icons to Print, Email. Save, Permalink

3. Related information - go to documents with similar or related information (NOTE: this will re-do your search)

4. Results list - returns you to the previous list, Refine results - takes you back to the search, and you can use the arrows to advance to the next result in the list

5. Listen to the HTML full-text - EBSCOhost has a screen-reading app built-in

6. HTML Table of contents - jump to the section you want to view

7. HTML full-text.

8. EBSCOhost icons