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Nursing Reference Center Plus (Database Instruction)

Get the information you need to start using Nursing Reference Center Plus.

Advanced Search

Nursing Reference Center Plus's Advanced search builds on its basic search box with many more options as well as the capability to use special search syntax to create more complex search queries. 

1. Search box - enter your keywords here

2. Apply EBSCOhost modes and expanders (or leave them at default). For more information about the different modes click the (?) icon. 

3. Select Full Text - exclude anything that isn't text-based. i.e. images and videos

4. Select a publication date range

5. Scholarly (Peer-reviewed) Journals

6. Results that contain images or are JUST images

7. Results that contain video files or are JUST videos

8. Reference area - multiples can be selected by holding the [CTRL] key while making selections

9. Source - enter publication name

10. Nursing Process Limiters - help you refine your search results to common nursing practices.

11. Field Code reference list

Search Syntax

Nesting to create complex searches

Advanced search is a Single line search - which means that unlike OneSearch we only have one box to work with. In order to build more complex searches use parentheses to nest your search results. 

ex. (visit OR visiting OR visitor) AND (“intensive care” OR “critical care”)

Search Syntax

Advanced search allows for : 

  • Boolean (AND, OR, and NOT)

  • Wildcards/Truncation (*, ?)

  • Field codes to limit where you search, ex. just the author - AU Smith for Author = Smith  (AU is the field code) or  SU Heart Disease for Subject = Heart disease -- a list of the codes is located just above the search box. 

  • Quotation marks to lock phrases together

For more information about syntax use in NRC+, check out the EBSCOhost help by clicking (?) at any time and selecting "Boolean"