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Nursing Reference Center Plus (Database Instruction)

Get the information you need to start using Nursing Reference Center Plus.

Reference Area Tabs


Click the tab to limit your search to specific topic areas and documents OR

Use the premade links to featured and spotlight areas to browse popular topics. 

All Areas -

Searches all documents in the NRC Plus Database


Diseases - 

  • Evidence-based Care sheets - information in an easy-to-use concise format: What We Know; What We Can Do; What do we tell the family, and reference to support the information
  • Quick lessons - Clinically-organized nursing overviews that are designed to map the nursing workflow; results for images and videos and other types may also appear depending on the search.


Skills - 

  • Skills/Procedures - Clinical papers detailing the necessary steps to achieve proficiency in a specific nursing task, including skill competency checklists which can be used to determine a nurse's proficiency in performing needed skills; and,
  • Cultural Competencies - Documents that cover key considerations in providing culturally competent care to a specific group
  • Most of the videos are within the skills sections
  • The Skills page also offers direct access to featured content such as Skill Highlights, Critical Skills, and Featured Videos.



provides a specific location to search for detailed drug information, such as drug monographs, available in NRC Plus. Content includes information from Davis’s Drug Guide for NursesAHFS Drug Essentials, and Quick Lesson drug topics as well as current drug news and updates. The Drugs page also offers direct access to featured content such as Drug Highlights as well as the drug reference books.

  • Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses:
    • Latest coverage of over 5,000 trade and generic drugs

    • 50 comprehensive drug classes

    • IV therapy tips organized by Direct IV, Intermittent Infusion, and Continuous Infusion

    • Comprehensive Patient/Family Teaching and Home Care Tips

  • AHFS Drug Information Essentials:
    • Over 11,700 represented medicines plus manufacturers of drug products

    • Separate drug monographs for systemic topical and EENT drug formulations

    • Drug interactions, cautions and toxicity

    • Extensive dosage and methods of administration

  • You can search for drugs by trade names, generic names, Canadian trade names, common names, abbreviations, and selected foreign names. 
  • Search both collections simultaneously or individually



provides access to essential Leadership and management topics such as Assessment of competencies, developing leaders and succession planning, fostering employees, organizational change Interprofessionalism and more.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education - 

provides interactive learning modules (CEU Modules) on a variety of topics to support nurses' ongoing professional development.

  • You will need to register to get access to the modules (free)
  • Each Continuing Education Units (CEUs) module consists of course material, an interactive review, and a competency test with a certificate of completion.
  • This is OPTIONAL self-directed learning and does not give you credit in any RRC Polytech course or program.

Patient Education

(More) Patient education - 

provides thousands of illustrated patient handouts presented in a standardized, easy-to-read format. These are meant to be printed and given to patients


(More) Books 

browse or search over 44,000 hyperlinked ebooks and ebook chapters in popular allied health reference titles.


A note about research instruments - on the original NRC, these were available on the research tab. While not included overtly on any of the tabs we still have access. Search from All Areas to find the tool ex. “Adolescent Wisdom Scale” or “Developmental Work Personality Scale (DWPS) OR view all 250 by searching for “research instrument”.