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Use the Library


Login to the device using your college username and password, or by swiping your student card at the machine.

Photocopying is paid for using funds in your Papercut account. We also have a guide to assist you to add funds to your print account.

Black and white copies are $0.10 per side ($0.20 for double-sided copies) and colour copies are $0.50 per side ($1.00 for double-sided copies).

Where can I photocopy?

Exchange District Campus Library

PSCLIB_PRT4 in the main library, on the second floor and LLC_PRT2 on the main floor, in the Lower Learning Commons.

Notre Dame Campus Library

NDC_LIB_EQ_Copier in the front area of the library, just to the left as you enter the library.

Can I photocopy in colour?

The photocopier defaults to copying in black and white.  However, you can always go into the options and select to copy in colour.