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Use the Library

Installing Library Printers (MAC)

Step 1 is to Install the "Papercut" software

Please follow this instruction:

Do not skip this! You need the Papercut client to ensure you will be able to print.

Setup the Printers

Step 1

Click on the Apple icon from the top-left of the screen.

Apple logo taking from a screnshot on the Mac desktop menu.

Step 2

In the Apple menu, click System Preferences.

Apple icon drop-down screen capture from the Mac desktop menu, with System Preferences highlighted.

Step 3

Click Printers & Scanners

Mac System Preferences window screenshot, showing multiple options.

Step 4

Click the + symbol under the printer list.

The Printers and Scanners page, with an empty list of printers on the left-hand side and a message stating No printers are avilable. Click Add to set up a printer on the right-hand side.

Step 5

Click the IP button.

Add printer window with values entered in for PSCLIB-PRT4-Mac and an add button on the lower right.


For Address:

  • Notre Dame Campus printers: studentprintndc
  • Exchange District Campus printers: studentprintedc

For Protocol select: Line Printer Daemon – LPD

For Queue, select either:

  • Notre Dame Campus Printer
    • NDC_LIB_EQ_Copier-MAC
  • Exchange District Campus Printers

For Name, put in a description so that you know where it will print.

For Location (optional), put in a description of the location of the printer.

Use: You can select either Generic PostScript Printer or Generic PCL Printer, as both will work.

Click Add.

Step 6

Check the Duplexer box, if you want to be able to print double-sided.

Click Ok.

The printer setup confirmation screen with Duplex Printing Unit checkbox checked and a cancel and ok button to the bottom right.