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ASC: Supports for Faculty and Staff- Writing Centre

Integrated Writing Support Options

Writing Centre staff can work with you to customize integrated writing supports that meet the writing demands of your program and the unique needs of your students. Here are some ways we are currently working with students across a range of programs.

Please contact us at if you have any questions about these Integrated Writing Support models, or if you would like to customize a model to meet the needs of the students in your program.

Course-Embedded Writing Tutoring (Compulsory)

In this support option, writing tutoring is built directly into your class. The embedded tutoring model gives students the opportunity to meet with a writing tutor during the course. Writing tutors meet with the course instructor prior to the start of term and work with the instructor to understand course requirements and expectations and identify student needs. Writing tutors are usually added to the course LEARN site to access assignment guidelines and course materials. 

Students will meet with a writing tutor during the course with the purpose of devloping their writing skills. The timing and frequency of these meetings is fully customizable. Often, students will be required to meet with a tutor for at least two 30-minute meetings at either a determined or undetermined point in the course. These meetings can take place around key dates or left to the student's discretion. 

In the compulsory model, students are required to meet with a writing tutor for course marks or completion requirements. The amount of marks given for writing tutoring is determined by the program or instructor. Upon successfully meeting with a writing tutor, students are emailed a secure confirmation form which acts as receipt of visit. 

Course-Embedded Writing Tutoring (Optional)

The voluntary version of course-embedded writing tutoring is the same in almost all aspects. The key difference is that attending tutoring is not required of the student. Tutoring sessions can be used to replace other components of the course (quizzes, assignments) or can be simply strongly encouraged. 

Benefits of Integrated Writing Support Options

  • Programs that use integrated writing supports develop better writers. 
  • Students are familiarized with the Writing Centre and other ASC resources. 
  • Instructors recieve feedback from writing tutors on students' needs. This information can be used in future versions of the course.
  • Students are considerably more likely to access writing tutoring or ASC resources through an integrated model than on their own.
  • Support students with foundational writing skills that are not covered in the course.

Hybrid LEARNing Module Capstone Facilitation

With this option, instructors import a Hybrid LEARNing Module into their LEARN course, ask students to complete it independently, and arrange for Writing Centre staff to facilitate a live, in-class capstone session. Students need to complete the assigned Hybrid LEARNing Module prior to participating in the capstone session. Hybrid LEARNing Modules take approximately 2-3 hours to complete and the capstone session are typically an hour.