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ASC: Supports for Faculty and Staff- Writing Centre

Writing Workshop Topics

The Writing Centre offers customizable workshops for your class. Workshops are developed in collaboration with instructors to best fit the needs of your students. Workshops that have been commonly requested are:

Writing for College

The Writing for College workshop focuses on the pre-writing, writing and re-writing stages of academic and professional written communication, including analyzing assignment instructions, scheduling the steps for the writing process, researching, organizing ideas, editing, and referencing.

APA Basics

The APA Basics workshop focuses on introductory APA use for students including the importance of proper citing and basics of in-text citations, quotations, paraphrases, references, and formatting. This workshop assumes no prior knowledge of APA or citing.

APA Advanced

The APA Advanced workshop focuses on advanced APA use for students including single and multi-author in-text citations, block quotations, indirect and secondary citations, language and punctuation requirements, referencing, and page formatting. Students should have some knowledge of APA.

IEEE Referencing and Citing

The IEEE Referencing and Citing workshops covers the basics of referencing and citing in IEEE style. The workshop includes an overview of in-text citations, reference lists, and general formatting. This workshop assumes no prior knowledge of IEEE style. 

Research Papers

The Research Papers workshop is the live accompaniment to the Research Paper Hybrid LEARNing Module. This workshop covers the basics of research paper structure, objectives, and purpose. It concludes with a case study on reading assignment guidelines, choosing a topic, finding research, and writing a research paper. This workshop can also be offered as a stand-alone from the Hybrid LEARN Module.

Writing Centre Overview

This presentation provides a brief overview of the Academic Success Centre and Writing Centre, outlining the supports available for students such as writing tutoring, academic coaching, and online learning materials. This presentation is recommended at the beginning of a course or around key times (midterm, final papers).

Proposal Writing

The Proposal Writing workshop is an opportunity for students to learn how to write a basic proposal. This workshop examines the role of persuasive writing; setting goals; identifying an audience, problem, and project; using research. Additionally, this workshop discusses the fundamentals of professional writing (clear, concise, concrete).


These are just examples of workshops that we can offer. To learn more about our workshops or to request a workshop created specifically for your class, please contact us at