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Business Source Complete (BSC) (Database Instruction)

Business Source Complete is a comprehensive database containing thousands of full-text journals and magazines, e-books, case studies, industry reports, market research reports, company profiles, SWOT analyses, and more.

Results Display

Search Results

Search results display 30 at a time on the page.  The default is for the newest articles to display first; you can change this to a reverse date, author, subject or relevancy ranking.

The article title link takes you to the full record view, which shows the full citation and the full text if available. Place your mouse over the Preview icon which looks like a tiny magnifying glass to view the article's Abstract.

An HTML Full Text link takes you directly to the full text of the article.

PDF Full Text link takes you to a PDF version of the full text. The PDF will open in the Adobe ® Reader®.

Add to Folder – To save an article to the Folder, click the Folder icon to the right of the article title or inside the Article Preview that you hover over with your mouse. This saves items for the duration of your current session, but if you log out, the folder items are not kept.

Subjects – Subject terms that are assigned to each item are displayed in the result list.

Page Options – Click this link to view the page display options.

Share – Click this link to view alerting, linking and bookmarking options.

Navigate through pages of your results using the hyperlinked page number and Next links at the bottom of the result list.


Limiters - Add limiters to narrow down your results

Left Column - Refine Search

The Left Column displays the Current Search and many different limiters to make your search narrower and more specific.

Current Search - Click the toggle arrow to open the Current Search box. Current Search keeps track of your search terms, search options, and facets applied to your search.

Limit To – Apply limiters right from the Result List by clicking a limiter checkbox. Refine your search to:

  • Full Text
  • Scholarly (Peer reviewed) journals
  • Date Ranges

Show More will open more limiters in a separate window.    



Source Types - all results are displayed unless you limit to Trade Publications, Magazines, Academic Journals, Newspapers, Product Reviews, etc.

Other Limiters:

  • Subject Thesaurus Term
  • Subject
  • Publication
  • Publisher
  • Company
  • Language
  • Geography
  • NAICS/industry

Narrow your results - for example by limiting to a subject of digital media, and a geography of Canada and by checking the boxes which are relevant to your search. A new Result List, limited to the chosen term or terms is displayed and the list of subject terms is refreshed. 



Limiters Added

You can add another phrase to a search and also select some Limit To options to narrow down results.

  • Full Text - only retrieve results with the entire article available

  • Date - only published within the last 5 years


Results List

This results list is much smaller but will be more relevant to the topic.  Rather than over 33,000 results, this search retrieved just over 100 records from the last 5 years that are available in full-text format.