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Business Source Complete (BSC) (Database Instruction)

Business Source Complete is a comprehensive database containing thousands of full-text journals and magazines, e-books, case studies, industry reports, market research reports, company profiles, SWOT analyses, and more.

Result List Details


The results of searches display 30 at a time.  Each record gives the Title, Author(s), Source, Volume, Issue, Page number(s), and Full Text availability.  If there is no Full Text available, there will be no notation for HTML or PDF, but there will be a note that says 'Full text article not found? Submit INTERLIBRARY LOAN REQUEST.  This means that because there is no full text, if you want this article you can request it through our ILL service.  Because there are so many articles found, there is usually no need for this.  We recommend limiting searches to Full Text to avoid these unavailable articles appearing.

The first article in this example does not have full text.  It would need to be specially requested through Inter-Library Loan (ILL) 

The second article suggests finding the full text through the Full Text Finder which will attempt to find the article in another database we subscribe to.

The third article has Full Text available in HTML and PDF formats.  Simply click on the format you want and you will be taken to the article.

The article title link takes you to  full text if available. The Preview (magnifying glass) lets you preview the Abstract.

The HTML Full Text and PDF Full Text links take you to the full text. 

Clicking the Folder icon adds this article to a saved list for the current session.

Subjects Terms that are assigned to each item display in the result list.

Full Record 

You can view the full record for any result by clicking on the title link.  

The full record includes the same information as the short display list with additional links you can follow.

The Author link will take you to other articles in the database by the same author.

The Source link leads to a detailed view of the source or publication and may also include a table of contents link to access other articles from that issue.

The Subject Terms are links to all the records included under that term. 

The NAICS/Industry Codes describe the industries covered by the article; the codes are links to all the articles tagged with that NAICS code.



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Right Toolbar

Right Toolbar


Save the article to an EBSCO folder in your Google Drive account.

Print the article.

Email to article to yourself, a group of people, or your instructor.

Save the article to an Ebscohost folder for this session.

See various citation styles; copy and paste a citation from the Cite list.

Export Article to your bibliographic management software.

View and copy the Permalink which is a static address for this record.