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Sexual Violence Awareness -- Education, Prevention and Supports

We’ve designed this library guide on Sexual Violence Awareness -- Education, Prevention and Supports as a jumping-off point for research and resources related to sexual assault and other forms of sexual violence.


Building a Culture of Consent

Creating a culture of consent on campus to prevent sexual violence is everyone’s responsibility. But what does this involve? Recognizing the reality of rape culture—an environment where sexual violence has been normalized—  is an important first step.

Understanding consent is also crucial— but unfortunately, consent is highly misunderstood. While almost all Canadians (96%) agree that sexual activity must be consensual, only 28% of Canadians know how to properly give or receive it.

In short, consent requires a clear, voluntary agreement to participate in sexual activity. Consent is not silence or the absence of “no”. Consent must be freely given, ongoing, and—importantly—it can be revoked at any time.

These resources delve into the details of consent and how to create a culture based on consent in everyday interactions, not just sex. This involves respecting people’s boundaries and personal autonomy in both personal and professional settings.


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Tea Consent

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How Do You Know if Someone Wants to Have Sex with You? | Planned Parenthood Video

The only way to know if someone wants to have sex with you is to ask. Consent is about asking, and listening to the answer.

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