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Sexual Violence Awareness -- Education, Prevention and Supports

We’ve designed this library guide on Sexual Violence Awareness -- Education, Prevention and Supports as a jumping-off point for research and resources related to sexual assault and other forms of sexual violence.



Educating Children

The following resources provide guidance and strategies for talking about respect for personal boundaries with kids.

Below you’ll find a mix of informative and educational videos for parents, educators, and children alike, as was as articles and suggested kid’s books that address these issues in a kid-friendly way.


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Websites, Reports and Papers

Web-based Video Resources

Body Sovereignty and Kids: How we can cultivate a culture of consent | Monica Rivera | TEDxCSU

The importance of learning about consent at a young age

Teaching Consent to Kids

No parent wants their child to grow up to be a victim or a perpetrator, which means teaching about consent early is crucial. Though some parents may dismiss early discussions about bodies and sex as reactionary or inappropriate, the truth is consent is not just about sex. It’s about boundaries. Something that’s crucial for every child to learn.

Consent And Communication

Asking for consent and giving consent for any behavior is very important. You have the right to say “no” to any behavior that you do not want to engage in at any point, for any reason, and your partner must respect your decision.

Consent for kids

Consent is like being ruler of your own country...population: YOU. This is a smart, playful guide to consent and bodily autonomy. This humorous and insightful book from the co-creator of the viral “Tea Consent” video is the perfect teaching tool, conversation starter, and insightful, empowering resource for educators, kids, and families everywhere.

Recommended Children's Books

Here is a list of recommended children's books. We don't have these in our collection, but you may be able to find them at the Winnipeg Public Library, or through booksellers such as Amazon.caMcNally Robinson, or local bookstores. 

  • C is for Consent by Eleanor Morrison and Faye Orlove
  • Don’t Touch My Hair! by Sharee Miller
  • My Body Belongs to Me from My Head to My Toes by International Center for Assault Prevention, Dagmar Geisler, and pro Familia
  • Miles is the Boss of His Body by Samantha Kurtzman-Counter, Abbie Schiller, and Valentina Ventimiglia
  • No Means No! by Jayneen Sanders and Cherie Zamazing
  • Will Ladybug Hug? by Hilary Leung
  • Personal Space Camp by Julia Cook
  • Consent (For Kids!) by Rachel Brian

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