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Tutoring Services

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To connect with a staff or peer tutor for a 1:1 appointment, or to view the drop-in tutoring times at your campus, search for your course in TracCloud. A link to TracCloud can also be found in the HUB applications list.

If you are unable to find a tutor for your course at this time, please submit a Tutoring and Coaching Request Form and someone from the ASC will get back to you within three business days.

Please note that tutor schedules can change throughout a term and availability will vary - especially during summer and winter break. Although we try to support as many students as possible, not all courses will have a tutor available. If you do not see a tutor listed for your course, please email for further assistance.

Staff Tutors by Subject Focus

* The ASC also has peer tutors available for a variety of courses. Click here to view our current peer tutor roster.

Kyle Schewe 

Picture of Kyle Schewe

Students are here to learn, and I believe all students are capable of not only being competent learners, but excited learners.

We sometimes need to make fun of the content, the dryness of it, and work on learning approaches that helps our brain learn the material more quickly and effectively. Humour can help a lot of people in this --- a bad joke here, a terrible pun there, and all of a sudden the student is much more focused on course material in hopes it will stop me! But it really is not about making learning fun, it is about making the experience human, and not trying to do something that is devoid of our own experiences and ways of accomplishes things. Finding energy when you have none, setting up schedule times to study, and removing distractions when you are working is what you want to be doing, but you want to do it your way.

Whether in tutoring or coaching, finding the path the works for every student is always my goal, and I am happy to be wrong if a better option is found for learning. And in the end I want everyone one of my students to be excited learners, to want them to expand their knowledge and enjoy the process of learning itself along the way to passing their courses!

Michael Reimer

Picture of Mike ReimerI have been a staff tutor at Red River College Polytechnic since 1998. Recently I have expanded into making tutoring videos for the Wiseguys series.

My specialties are Business Math, Financial Accounting I, Financial Accounting II and Statistics.

Good luck with your studies!

Charanjit Singh

Picture of Charanjit SinghThe one thing I enjoy more than Accounting and Stats is helping others understand the course material more fully. I am a recent grad from the Business Administration program and moved right into being a staff tutor. I primarily tutor in Business Admin, Applied Accounting and BIT.

My favorite thing about tutoring occurs in my Math and Accounting workshops – when I see a student or a group of students work together to find their own way to the solution. Being a recent graduate, I try to relate with the difficulties students face, and provide them with the guidance needed to move forward and succeed in achieving their goals. I encourage our students to study in small groups when it comes to solving complex problems because through team-work students find different ways in finding the solution.

My interests are varied and include travelling, sports and language learning.

Alex Shatokhin

Picture of Alex ShatokhinHi! I joined Red River College Polytechnic in early 2019 to help students achieve their goals in Science and Business courses. I hold a BSc in Mathematics and graduated with a BBA in Accounting to pursue a career in Accounting/Finance. I plan to start SPA PEP in September, 2021. I am passionate about learning and try to learn something new every day. 

If you need help with science, math, physics, statistics, or any Business/Accounting/Finance course that Red River College Polytechnic has to offer, please do not hesitate to book a session with me. Looking forward to working with you!

Weichen Ni

Hello everyone, my name is Weichen Ni. I am a staff tutor who’s major in Business Administration. I mainly tutor Financial Accounting, Business Math, Statistic, Intermediate Accounting and Cost Accounting.

I have three years of tutoring experience at Red River College Polytechnic, starting from a peer tutor while I was a student. After graduation, I wish to support students to achieve their academic goal by using my knowledge and skills that I have attained at Red River College Polytechnic.

I am really enjoying the process of tutoring, if you are looking for a highly approachable and entertaining teaching style, then join with me!

Lena Bender

Picture of Lena BenderLena Bender joined the Academic Success Centre as a Nursing/Science tutor and Academic Coach in 2018 and is thrilled to be here!

With a BA and a background in Kinesiology, Lena has over 13 years of experience in Medical Education and private tutoring, in both French and English. She supports students in Nursing and Applied Health/ Sciences programs. Her special interest is Human Anatomy and Physiology.

Lena loves teaching, and enjoys watching her students succeed. She recognizes that each student has their own unique learning style, and works to create an environment tailored to each student’s strengths and interests.

Janet Bernstrom

Tery Tamayo 

Teresita (Tery) Tamayo – Academic Support Specialist (Math and Science)

Just call me Tery for short. I am here and ready to help you if you are struggling in Math or Science. Although my specialty is Chemistry, I can help in subjects like Physics, Biology, Physical Sciences, Math including Trigonometry, Precalculus, Algebra and Statistics.

I have years of experience teaching first and second year engineering students as well as Education students majoring in Chemistry back in the Philippines. Here in Canada, these skills were polished with my experience teaching in a diverse setting specially working with Indigenous Students.

I am passionate about helping students from diverse backgrounds in any areas of Math and Sciences. I look forward to meeting you for our first tutoring session.

Aklilu Abraha

Hi, I am Aklilu (Aki). An Electronic Egineering Technology Gradute From RRC. I am currently working as Control Designer and PLC/HMI programmer in automation industry and tutor in RRC. It is my pleasure to help students in Math, Physics , Calculus , Digital Logic , Analog Devices and related engineering courses. I enjoy empowering students to understand engineering topics and solving problems.

Tian Tian

Hello, my name is Tian Tian. I am a Technical Mathematics, Engineering Statics, and ManCAD Tutor in the Academic Success Centre.  I got my first engineering master’s degree at the University of Sheffield in Civil Engineering Structural Design program in 2010. I started my career as a civil engineer. After several years of working in this area, I took the chance of being an civil engineering instructor in 2015. Which helped me find out that I am truly enjoying sharing, discussing, and exploring the beauty of knowledge with students.  

After completing the Manufacturing Computer Aided CAD program at Red River College Polytechnic, I joined the Academic Success Centre as a tutor in RRC Polytech.

I am also a violinist and interested in art, music and cooking. If you have concern in math, physics, statistics, or in any ManCAD courses. I am glad to help. I am a patient tutor, looking forward to meeting you!

Scott Shabaga

Picture of Scott Shabaga

Hi, my name is Scott and I have enjoyed tutoring at Red River College Polytechnic since 2013.  I primarily tutor math for trades and have worked with students from many programs including Electrical, Carpentry, HVAC, Plumbing, Gas Fitting and more. I specialize in Electrical with a focus on math, DC and AC circuits, 3 Phase power, control systems and electronics.  I also tutor EET students in math and DC and AC circuit theory.

I love working with the students at River College Polytechnic and having the opportunity to help others learn and grow in both ability and confidence.  Knowledge is power!

I am a graduate of the Instrumentation Engineering Technology program at Red River College Polytechnic with a professional background in building control systems.  Working with many different trades people and engineers in the construction industry has given me valuable insight into and experience with the various challenges and opportunities awaiting trades and technology students at Red River College Polytechnic.

Marc Beaudry

Marc joined the Academic Success Centre as a math/skilled trades Tutor and Academic Coach in 2018 and is happy to be here!
He spent most of the previous decade teaching and tutoring math to apprentices and  students just entering the trades. He enjoys teaching, and loves watching his students succeed.
“I look forward to helping students make their time at the College as manageable, rewarding, and successful as possible.”

Michael Kozakewich

Picture of Michael Kozakewich

Since 2011, Michael has been tutoring the Business IT program and other computer-related areas at the Exchange District Campus. He graduated from River College Polytechnic in 2007 as a Computer Programmer and Analyst.

He’s passionate about how information systems work: “I spend a lot of time exploring computers and their software. The ways in which we design user experiences in modern operating systems are finally making computing accessible to everyone. Thinking carefully about these systems is the key to making them relatable and easy to work with.” He likes to promote humane coding and thoughtful design when he engages students with their coursework.

Michael’s favourite thing about tutoring is that he can explore the beauty and expressiveness of all the different programming languages. Even though they look similar on the surface, each language has its own inner workings and they each excel at different tasks. There are often too many details to distinguish in a single semester, so the deeper complexity is glossed over during regular study. When needed, he’ll draw up sample material to explain weird concepts found in students’ courses.