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ASC: Supports for Students - Tutoring

Join our Peer Tutoring Team!

If you love helping people learn and have a good understanding of the content in your course, you can become a Peer Tutor. There are many advantages to tutoring, including:

  • Earning money while studying
  • Developing coaching and interpersonal skills
  • Improving your resume
  • Reinforcing your own learning by teaching someone else
  • Meeting new people
  • Flexible schedule

Students can apply to become a Peer Tutor for course content tutoring and/or apply to become a Tech Peer Tutor.

How to become a Peer Tutor:

Step 1: Complete the online Peer Tutor Application Form

Step 2: Forward the Instructor Recommendation Form link to your instructor(s) to be completed and submitted on your behalf for each course you wish to tutor.

Step 3: If demand exists for tutoring in your program area, you will be invited to an interview with an ASC staff.

Step 4: If you are hired, you will be invited to complete the Peer Tutor Training course in LEARN. 

Step 5: After completing the peer tutor training course, you will be invited to a final onboarding meeting in Teams. After the onboarding meeting, you may start tutoring.