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Tutoring Services

Meet Our Tutoring Services Admin Team

Alex Shatokhin - Tutoring Services Supervisor

Picture of Alex ShatokhinHi! I'm Alex Shatokhin, I supervise the Academic Success Centre's tutoring services unit. I help students connect with the academic supports that will enable them to be successful in their program or course. Contact me for help with any tutoring related questions.  I also manage the recruitment, hiring and training of tutoring staff, as well as develop and support TracCloud, the College's online tutor scheduling and booking platform. If you need support with appointment bookings or finding a tutor for your course, don't hesitate to reach out for support.

Dayna Graham - Student Case Manager & Faculty Liaison

Picture of Dayna Graham

Dayna Graham is an Adult Learning Facilitator primarily at the Exchange District campus. Dayna’s education degree, EAL certificate, and 15 years in the field of education, combined with a lifetime commitment to sport, has driven her to seek out practices which elevate students’ learning and academic performance. Dayna has a hand in administering several student supports at the ASC, including academic coaching, tutoring, student success workshops, group review workshops, support for incoming students, and partnerships with various programs across River College Polytechnic.

Melissa Coyle - Academic Support Coordinator

Picture of Melissa Coyle

Hello! My name is Melissa Coyle and I am the Academic Support Coordinator at the Academic Success Centre. 

Working between both campuses, I am responsible for the organization and implementation of tutoring services including individual/group tutoring, group review workshops, academic coaching, and in-class workshops. I connect students with the best tutor/coach for their needs and share information about share communications about our supports with students, staff, and faculty. I also lead RRC Polytech's Peer Tutoring program; if you're interested in helping your peers master their coursework, please connect with me to learn how you can become a Peer Tutor.

If you require support in your studies, I invite you to access the ASC's many free in-person and online supports that are available to you. I look forwarding to meeting you and wish you all the best with your studies!