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Photo of a student sitting on the floor in a library browsing through books. Text reads, "Browsing the collection? Your Library can help with that!"

Books, Videos, Journals

Are you looking for books, videos and journals that physically exist in our Libraries? 

Types of Materials

Print Books

Circulating books (books available to be lent out) are located in the book stacks at the Notre Dame Campus Library, as well as the John and Bonnie Buhler Library at the Exchange District Campus. The location of the book is dependent on the college program or course they relate to (e.g. books on Culinary Arts will be housed at the Exchange District Campus, because the Culinary Arts program is held there. Nursing books will be at the Notre Dame Campus, because the Nursing program takes place at Notre Dame). The book stacks are arranged using the Library of Congress (LC) classification system.

Circulating books may be signed out for 28 days with 3 renewals.


Both libraries have Reference sections available. These are books such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, and special materials. These books are shelved separate from the main book stacks but use the same organization system (LC).

These books are for use within the library only and cannot be checked out. 


The library has print journals available. These are organized alphabetically by title, and then chronologically within the journal.

Periodicals may be checked out for a week, with one renewal available before they must be returned. 


A DVD collection is available at both the Notre Dame Campus library and the Exchange District Campus library.

At the Exchange District Campus, DVDs are shelved within the book stacks and are organized according to their call numbers.

At the Notre Dame Campus, DVDs are shelved at the back of the library.

The cases are empty. You will need to ask for the disc at the Service Desk when you check them out.

Streaming videos are also available and can be accessed through OneSearch or individual databases. Staff at the Service Desk, or on the Ask Us Chat can help you locate these.

How to read Call Numbers

The book collections at RRC are sorted using the Library of Congress (LC) classification system.

Reading a LC call number is done line by line, starting at the top.

  • First line: The entire collection is organized alphabetically according to this first line. The first line can have up to 3 letters and are read from left to right (e.g. the order in a collection would go: A, B, BL, C, CB, CE, etc.) 
  • Second line: After locating the right section using the first line, the second line is read in numerical order, and is read as a whole number (e.g. the order in a collection would go: 1, 2, 3, 25, 410, 1001, etc.)
  • Third line: Once you have found the correct first and second line, the third line is read as first a letter (arranged alphabetically), and then a number that goes in digit order (e.g. .A1, .B5, .G6, .G65, .G675, etc.)
  • Fourth line: The last line is the year the book was published. This is arranged chronologically, and the number is read as a whole (e.g. 1985, 1991, 2002, etc.)

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