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Find eBooks in EBSCOhost


1. Select EBSCOhost from the A to Z database list or using the above link.


2. Scroll down and select EBSCOhost Ebooks >>>


3. Select which ebook database you want to search in (currently there are 8, effective 2019/10/28) -- or select ALL (note: if you select all your results will include articles and other result formats)
    Click the Continue button when you have made your selection. 

4. You can do a basic or advanced search for your ebook. We recommend advanced unless you know the exact title of what you are looking for. 

Using eBooks in EBSCOhost databases

5. Click on the item title to see more information (If you found your book in OneSearch - you are starting here... )

From the details page you can do a lot of different actions, including;

  • select to read online, 
  • cite, share a permalink
  • print or email links to the item

6. Click on PDF (or ePUB or HTML) link on the left side to enter the ebook.

Ebook Navigation

across the top:

  • save, email, or print pages,
  • copy citation for referencing
  • copy permalink URL

left side:

  • information about the item including licensing rules regarding how many pages can be copied or printed;
  • clickable table of contents,
  • download chapters

across the bottom:

  •  < > buttons to "turn pages",
  • zoom
  • increase the page size. 

Downloading, Saving and Printing

Canadian Copyright Law and Publisher Permissions

The size of the eBook will determine how much of the book can legally be allowed to be copied/printed/downloaded. This is copyright law and is decided by the government, not the library. This information is typically displayed on the information page about the book. It will also display if you try to print and so on.

Publisher permissions on the ebook results page


Currently, we do not have downloading enabled. This means you cannot view this book as you would a normal ebook on your device. However, you can download or save sections depending on the publisher's permission. If you can download you will see a download symbol next to the chapter on the table of contents.

When you click the download symbol, it will tell you what the page limit is, and allow you to choose how many pages of the chapter you are wanting to download. For example,

the page limit is 100, and the chapter shown is a total of 2 pages. 

download icon on ebook table of contents

ebook download options


The same rules that applied to download or save a chapter apply to print

ebook printing options