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Communication Strategies Faculty Resources: Making Decisions

Making Decisions

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Making Decisions

Determine appropriate responses to a situation and apply them to ensure goals are met.

Using this Strategy

At college and in the workplace, students will use this strategy to:

  • Make decisions about the purpose, audience, context and tone of communication.
  • Decide how to organize thoughts, respect hierarchy and navigate sociocultural norms.
  • Decide on the accuracy and appropriateness of language and the communications technology in a given context.
  • Adapt to wide-ranging standards. levels or ability and expectations from class to class, workplace to workplace.

Faculty Blog: Making Decisions

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Key Resources

To learn about making decisions about the context of their communication, students can:

To learn about the importance of using appropriate tone in their communication, students can:

To learn about how to communicate their decision-making process, students can:

To learn about how to ask quality questions to make decisions, students can:

To learn about when and how to involve others in making decisions, students can:

Related Academic Success Centre Supports

Students can access the following resources through Library & Academic Services to develop this strategy:

  • Tutoring for individualized and small group support, if students identify that they need support making decisions relating to course content.
  • Academic Coaching, for individualized support on making decisions, and carrying out decisions.