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Communication Strategies Faculty Resources: Investigating


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Use a variety of media and methods to learn and gather new information and solve problems.

Using this Strategy

At college and at work, students will use this strategy to: 

  • Solve problems with innovation and creativity
  • Gather new information to meet individual and team goals  
  • Analyze and evaluate information
  • Identify audience and stakeholder needs 
  • Ask questions to gather information and clarity
  • Find strategies, techniques and processes that help create effective teams

Faculty Blog: Investigating

Read about developing the strength of "investigating" with your students in the Faculty Blog post: Communication Strategy: Investigating

Key Resources

To ask questions as they gather information, students can: 

To evaluate websites and online resources, students can: 

To develop an effective research question, students can: 

To solve problems, students can: 

To get help from a Library staff member on gathering and analyzing information: 

Related Academic Success Centre Supports

Faculty can access the following resources through Library & Academic Services to help their students develop this strategy:

Students can access the following resources through Library & Academic Services to develop this strategy:

  • Academic Coaching to develop investigating skills for success within college and the workplace. 
  • Writing Tutoring for individualized in-person and email support to develop research skills in the writing process.