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Communication Strategies Faculty Resources: Repairing


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Repair and correct miscommunication and difficult situations.

Using this Strategy

Students will use this strategy when they:

  • Manage conflict by correcting misunderstandings immediately to prevent future misunderstandings
  • Participate in the draft writing process by engaging with and acting on feedback
  • Participate in the feedback cycle to work collaboratively with teams and solve problems
  • Use active listening strategies to communicate with empathy
  • Distinguish between intent and impact when communicating with others


Faculty Blog: Repairing

Read about developing this strategy with your students in the Faculty Blog post: Communication Strategies: Repairing

Related Academic Success Centre Supports

Faculty can access the following resources through Library & Academic Services to help their students develop this strategy:

  • Writing for College writing workshop, for full-class support with using the writing process, including editing and revising, to help repair miscommunication through writing.
  • Writing Professional Emails hybrid LEARNing module for asynchronous resources and a follow-up capstone presentation that can be embedded within a LEARN course to help students improve their communication and repair abilities through emails, and avoid miscommunication.
  • Diversity Training workshop series, to assist students in developing the intercultural competence needed to repair communication and intercultural breakdowns, and to study and work successfully in today’s global environment.
  • Intercultural Competence hybrid LEARNing module for asynchronous resources that can be embedded within a LEARN course to help students improve their ability to communicate, collaborate, and repair miscommunication and conflict within an intercultural context. 

Students can access the following resources through Library & Academic Services to develop this strategy:

  • Tutoring for individualized and small group support, to help repair misunderstandings about course content.
  • Writing Tutoring, for individualized in-person and email feedback on writing skills, and support with repairing communication breakdowns that occur through writing.  
  • EAL Tutoring, for individualized language development for students whose first language is not English, which can help develop the confidence and language skills required to avoid miscommunication, and repair the relationship and communication when challenges arise. 
  • Academic Coaching, for support with participating in the feedback and growth cycle.