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Communication Strategies Faculty Resources: Organizing


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Create and use processes to organize and sort information.

Using this Strategy

At college and in the workplace, students will use this strategy when they organize: 

  • Their time to meet deadlines and attend class regularly.
  • The information they learn in each class.
  • Their online-learning schedule. 
  • Information to complete an assignment.
  • Information and responsibilities across group members. 
  • Correspondence with others in various communication channels. 
  • Print and digital media resources for research.

Faculty Blog: Organizing

Read about developing this strategy with your students in the Faculty Blog post: Communication Strategies: Organizing

Key Resources

To learn about how to improve their time organization, students can:

To learn about organizing notes during class, students can:

To learn about staying organized while learning online, students can:

Related Academic Success Centre Supports

Faculty can access the following resources through Library & Academic Services to help their students develop this strategy:

Students can access the following resources through Library & Academic Services to develop this strategy:

  • Academic Coaching, to develop organizational skills for success within college and the workplace. 
  • Tutoring for individualized and small group support, if students need support understanding and organizing the content of their courses. 
  • Writing Tutoring, for individualized in-person and email support to develop organizational skills within their writing.  
  • EAL Tutoring, for individualized language development for students whose first language is not English, to develop effective organization of ideas in their writing and speaking.