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About the Academic Integrity Module

Academic Integrity

Content Contact: : Academic Integrity Specialist


Students can self-enroll in this tutorial here.


Academic Integrity IconAcademic integrity refers to the values of maintaining honesty and fairness in the learning environment. Both instructor and student have responsibilities to maintain academic integrity. Students must demonstrate their knowledge and skills, while integrating the work and ideas of others in appropriate ways.

Preparing students to demonstrate academic integrity begins on day one of each course. The Academic Integrity tutorial uses positive language that encourages students to build their reputation in the classroom to prepare for their future careers.



Learning Outcomes

Course Content

Academic Integrity

  • Apply the fundamental values of academic integrity to student case studies
  • Describe five strategies for learning with integrity
  • Review the Red River College Polytechnic S4 policy on academic integrity
  • Identify behaviours that are considered academic misconduct
  • List consequences for academic misconduct
  • Connect with academic resources
  • 6 Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity
  • Strategies for Learning with Integrity
  • S4 Academic Integrity Policy
  • Optional Writing Resources

Resources: The Academic Integrity module is presented though a series of LEARN pages that present the content in a clear and easy to read format. Using an H5P slideshow, students will view a YouTube video and apply learned concepts to analyze the video. Several other videos are embedded throughout the module, as well as links to library resources on writing skills. A final quiz asks students to recall information from the module as well as apply concepts to presented scenarios.