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Time Management Skills (Learn Module)

Time Management Skills IconWhile studying from home, students are faced with the challenge of structuring their daily schedules to balance personal and college tasks. Many students are inexperienced in planning for grocery shopping, cooking, and exercising and as a result, develop poor health. Similarly, students can be unsure of how to schedule enough time to complete assignments, attend online classes, and study for tests, and as a result, fail or miss assignments. When students can’t schedule their time, they can get overwhelmed and frustrated.

The Time Management Skills module is designed to help students manage their time, make healthy choices, and prioritize their tasks so they can succeed with online learning.

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Module Details

Learning Outcomes

  • Make time to be emotionally healthy by recreating your routine, preparing a workspace, and planning for leisure time.
  • Make time to be physically healthy by implementing good eating, sleeping, and exercising habits.
  • Establish a routine by avoiding procrastination and distractions, prioritizing tasks, and planning ahead.
  • Stay organized by using a calendar to keep track of course requirements and personal events.

Course Content

  • Making time to be Emotionally Healthy
  • Making time to be Physically Healthy
  • Establishing a Routine
  • Staying Organized: Creating a Schedule


Each section of the Time Management Skills module presents the content through specially designed instructional videos, as well as LinkedIn learning, Ted Talk, and YouTube videos. After watching the instructional videos, students use activity sheets to apply the knowledge they learned. At the end of each section, students take a short multiple choice test to demonstrate their knowledge.