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Self-Directed Learning

Virtual Classroom Strategies

Virtual Classroom Strategies IconThe Virtual Classroom Strategies module presents the skills that students need in order to succeed in a virtual classroom. Each section models traditional classroom strategies such as note taking, presentation skills, and reading comprehension strategies and presents how to use these skills in the online environment. In addition, the final section addresses the topic of Netiquette. It provides students with behavioural expectations for attending online classes and communicating via online channels such as email, discussion boards, and chat.

With this module, students will be able to solidify their understanding of necessary classroom skills and learn how to adapt them to online learning.

Content Contact: Rebecca Hiebert 

Use the Module

Students can self-enroll in this tutorial here.

Module Details

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply active listening strategies to identify important details during presentations and document them using note taking.
  • Understand how to use diplomatic English while speaking and delivering structured presentations.
  • Learn how to use reading strategies to increase comprehension of academic material.
  • Understand how to use paragraph structure and the writing process to produce academic writing.
  • Apply online etiquette strategies while writing emails, chatting, and attending online meetings.

Course Content

  • Online Etiquette Strategies
  • Listening Strategies
  • Speaking Strategies
  • Reading Strategies
  • Writing Strategies


Each section of the Virtual Classroom Strategies module presents the content through specially designed instructional videos, as well as LinkedIn learning, Ted Talk, and YouTube videos. After watching the instructional videos, students complete activities that target the strategies presented in each section. At the end of each section, students take a short multiple choice test to demonstrate their knowledge.