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Self-Directed Learning

About the Online Learning Module

Online Learning

Content Contact: Meg Loewen 


Students can self-enroll in this tutorial here.


Online Learning IconThe Online Learning module provides a bank of study skill tools for students to select, as they learn and utilize course content. Above all, this tutorial encourages academic success and a growth mindset by: drawing upon the affordances of online learning; creating a schedule that maximizes class time and assignment completion time; and underscores the value in connecting with the College community, especially in an online world. 

The tutorial provides a space for students to reflect on recent changes in learning, and to adopt research-supported actions and habits as they adapt to these recent changes. We know that student success is built on being an active learner, creating routines, balancing priorities, and implementing a system for planning ahead.  



Learning Outcomes

Course Content

Online Learning

  • Create a productive remote physical learning environment.
  • Manage your time, course load, assignments and deadlines while studying online.
  • Maintain balance and wellness in your busy schedule.
  • Use online resources and strategies to stay connected to your learning community.
  • Course Blueprinting
  • Establishing a Schedule
  • Staying Connected
  • Making the Most of Online Lectures
  • Adjusting Study Strategies
  • Studying from Home
  • Wellness

Resources: Each section of the Online Learning module presents helpful strategies for learning in an online environment, with templates and activities to apply the knowledge learned. Other resources used in this module include LinkedIn Learning videos, YouTube videos, links to helpful websites, tips for online learning, and resources to help students move forward in developing their online learning skills.