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Self-Directed Learning

About the Reading Module


Content Contact: Meg Loewen


Students can self-enroll in this tutorial here.


Reading IconStudents are often faced with challenges when it comes to the kind of reading necessary for their college programs. The two main obstacles for students are the sheer volume of reading assigned to them and the type of reading texts required of them. Textbooks are structured in ways particular to the genre of informational texts, journal articles often include unfamiliar vocabulary, and program-specific texts (such as manuals, code books, or websites), may be entirely new to students.

The Reading tutorial provides strategies to move through reading material in efficient ways to ensure they can complete all the necessary tasks, as well as understand and retain the new, often complex, material they encounter. 



Learning Outcomes

Course Content


  • Identify your personal reading challenges.
  • Implement strategies to help manage those challenges.
  • Before Reading
  • While Reading
  • After Reading
  • Reading Critically
  • Strategies for Common Reading Challenges

Resources: Each section of the Reading module presents the content in presentation slides, using the online program H5P. Within these slides, students work through reading strategies using examples of Red River College Polytechnic textbooks from a variety of programs, and they check their understanding with interactive questions built in throughout the presentation. Other resources include LinkedIn Learning videos, YouTube videos, links to helpful websites, tips for online learning, and resources to help students move forward in developing their reading skills.