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Self-Directed Learning

Fundamentals of Academic Writing (Learn Module)

The Fundamentals of Academic Writing module presents skills that students need in order to succeed with academic writing. Each section outlines specific strategies to write in a clear, logical, and organized manner.

Students will learn about sentence and paragraph structure and then cover the topics of clarity and coherence to best understand the importance of organizing and linking ideas. Finally, students will learn how to use the writing process to brainstorm, write, revise and edit their work.

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Module Details

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand different sentence types and how to construct them while avoiding common sentence errors.
  • Use correct paragraph structure while writing summary, paraphrase, reflection, analysis, and compare and contrast paragraphs.
  • Understand how to use concise words and phrases to clearly communicate in academic writing.
  • Understand the importance and method of organizing and linking ideas in order to write coherently.
  • Learn how to use the writing process to organize ideas, write in a logical order, edit, and revise academic writing.

Course Content

  • Sentence Structure 
  • Paragraph Structure 
  • Clarity in Writing 
  • Coherence in Writing 
  • The Writing Process 


Each section of the Fundamentals of Academic Writing module presents content through specifically designed instructional videos, as well as LinkedIn Learning, Ted Talk, and YouTube videos. After watching instructional videos, students will complete activities that target the strategies presented in each section. Students complete receptive activities to develop their knowledge and then productive activities to producing the skill on their own.