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ASC: Supports for Students - Self-Directed Learning

About the Cultural Diversity Awareness Course

Cultural Diversity Awareness Course


Students can self-enroll in this course here.


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The Cultural Diversity Awareness Course aims to increase students' awareness of diversity and intercultural competence as they communicate, learn and work in the local diverse community, and the global environment.




Learning Outcomes

Module 1.

Diversity and Cultural Awareness

  • Identify the multiple dimensions of our cultural identities
  • Explain how culture, personality and human nature interact with each other
  • Describe how our underlying beliefs and values make up for different cultural perspectives and experiences
  • Describe how our own assumptions and prejudices influence interactions with individuals from other cultural backgrounds or within different cultural contexts

Module 2.

Intercultural Self

  • Identify our own core cultural values and how they may differ from other people’s values
  • Explain how the multiple dimensions of our cultural identities intersect with each other to create unique individual experiences
  • Describe the mindset, skills and sensitivity needed to develop intercultural competence
  • Describe the impact of microaggressions and discrimination, and identify strategies to interrupt disrespectful and discriminatory behaviours

Module 3.

Your Intercultural Journey

  • Describe how enhancing our intercultural competence is a lifelong learning development process, and identify strategies to move through the different stages of intercultural competence to reach adaptation and integration within different cultural contexts
  • Explain how individuals move through the different stages of the cultural adjustment cycle, and identify strategies to navigate this cultural process
  • Identify effective strategies to uncover unwritten cultural rules encountered in intercultural situations, recognize cultural differences, and manage unexpected intercultural situations
  • Describe the impact of global citizenship and identify strategies to share our knowledge and experience

Module 4. Intercultural Communication

  • Describe how individual personalities and cultural backgrounds frame and influence our communication styles
  • Identify strategies to prevent communication misunderstandings and conflicts, and effectively manage gaps between intention and perception in intercultural communication
  • Describe the impact of both verbal and non-verbal communication in an intercultural context, and identify different communication styles across different cultural backgrounds