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Gender and Sexual Diversity

This guide is to assist you in finding resources related to topics related to gender and sexual diversity within the 2SLGBTQIA+.

Featured videos, films and podcasts

Web-based video

LGBTQ2+ NFB Channel

This channel from the National Film Board of Canada has 37 documentaries from 1986 to 2019. This channel seeks to show a full picture of the LGBTQ+ community through the lives of the people profiled. The stories range from homosexuality during WWII, disability with the community, Indigenous views, and more.

Sex & Sexuality: Crash Course Sociology #31

While sociology is a social science, we can use it to explore some intensely personal, private things. Today we’ll explore what sociology can tell us about sex and sexuality. We’ll also see what the three sociological paradigms have to say about sexuality and sexual orientation.

Theories of Gender: Crash Course Sociology #33

Why is gender even a thing? To answer that, we’re going back to our three sociological paradigms and how each school of thought approaches gender theory. We’ll look at the structural functionalist view that gender is a way of organizing society into complementary roles, the symbolic interactionist take on how gender guides our daily life, and conflict theory’s ideas about how gender distributes power within society.

Marsha P. Johnson and the Stonewall Rebellion: Crash Course Black American History #41

Today we’re learning about Marsha P. Johnson and the Stonewall rebellion. Serving as a pivotal moment in the modern Gay Rights Movement, Stonewall began on June 28th, 1969, and lasted six days in New York City’s Greenwich Village. And even though the rebellion lasted less than a week, the reverberations lasted for generations. Out of Stonewall emerged the establishment of one of the first gay pride parades, increased activism and organizing on behalf of gay people, and greater attention paid to the rights and needs of LGBTQ+ communities.


How the Stonewall Riots Sparked a Movement | History

The Stonewall Inn Riots sparked the beginning of the gay rights movement in America. Learn how members of the LGBTQ community came together to protest exploitation and police harassment.


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