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Intercultural Competence & Diversity

Empowering students and staff in the development of their intercultural competence and enhancing their understanding for gender and sexual diversity.

A Note About Terminology


We’re committed to fostering a safe campus environment by ensuring everyone has the chance to work, learn, and access services in an inclusive and welcoming manner.

The terms outlined in this guide are for navigating search tools that may be external to Red River College Polytechnic and may use alternative terms that are not reflective of the values at Red River College Polytechnic. 

Gender and Sexual Diversity

When talking about the complexities of cultural identities, we sometimes focus on ethnicity, language, or religion. However, gender and sexual diversity also play a key role in our identities and day-to-day lives. As part of our efforts to foster respect and inclusion, we need to recognize our cultural biases or assumptions, regarding expectations of gender roles/expressions. Rather than either/or, gender and sexual identities are unique, fluid and complex.

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LGBTQ2+ NFB Channel

This channel from the National Film Board of Canada has 37 documentaries from 1986 to 2019. This channel seeks to show a full picture of the LGBTQ+ community through the lives of the people profiled. The stories range from homosexuality during WWII, disability with the community, Indigenous views, and more.

Coming Out

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